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Recommended places to visit at Tomonoura

Introducing various sightseeing spots such as temples, shrines, historical sites, exhibition facilities and natures.

Iouji-Temple / Birth Shrine of Hiraga Gennai Shrines and Temples

Full of ambience and heartstring on ascent up the hill.

The precinct located on the halfway up the Ushiro-Yama, is one of the best view points at Tomonoura which provides the views of the townscape and whole bay area of Tomonoura.
At the foot of the Deva gate of Shingon Sect., there is a small shrine on the birth place of Hiraga Gennai who was a genius lived in Edo-era.

Information and Access

1397 Ushiroji, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima Pref.

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